Art your way through evolution!

Join us during this ESEB Congress to move forward the meaning of scientific expression in evolutionary biology! Change your everyday efforts in preparing figures and plots for your papers into a full fledged art. We invite you to visit our little art corner accompanying the ESEB congress, where we will help you to turn your scientific ideas into masterpieces of art. No prior art experience is required! You only have to bring your open mind and eagerness to explore new ways of communicating science. With the help of brushes, crayons, paint and paper we will use colour and shape to turn evolutionary biology into art. For those less inclined to painting and drawing - we will also try our strengths in writing evolutionary haiku, a very short and surprisingly simple form of Japanese poetry (in English or your native language, of course).

Where to find us? Our stand will be clearly visible in the lunch area. We will be there during the lunch breaks.
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