Scientific committee
The scientific committee is in charge of selecting the plenary speakers and the 35 symposia organised during the conference. The committee is composed of twelve people and headed by Franjo Weissing. Among the committee members four are from the University of Groningen, five are from other institutions in the Netherlands, and three are from other European countries. Koos Boomsma and Joachim Kurtz are also members of the scientific committee of the ISEMPH congress that partly overlaps with ESEB 2017.
  • Franjo Weissing (chair, Groningen): Theoretical biology; ecology, evolution and behaviour
  • Koos Boomsma (Copenhagen): Social evolution; sexual conflict & cooperation; genomics of adaptations; evolutionary medicine 
  • Arjan de Visser (Wageningen): Experimental evolution; micro-organisms 
  • Hannah Dugdale (University of Leeds / Groningen): Behavioural ecology; evolution of senescence 
  • Jacintha Ellers (Amsterdam): Phenotypic plasticity, environmental genetics, evolutionary community ecology 
  • Rampal Etienne (Groningen): Evolutionary community ecology; macro-evolutionary patterns
  • Astrid Groot (Amsterdam): Sexual communication and speciation 
  • Toby Kiers (Amsterdam): Co-evolution; evolution of mutualism 
  • Joachim Kurtz (Münster): Host-parasite coevolution, evolutionary immunology 
  • Menno Schilthuizen (Naturalis Biodiversity Center Leiden): Taxonomy, phylogenetics, macroevolution 
  • Irene Tieleman (Groningen): Ecological and evolutionary physiology
  • Sander van Doorn (Groningen): Evolutionary systems biology; speciation; sexual selection